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SEO audit

SEO audit

SEO site audit is the key to effective promotion

Why do you need a website audit? In order to find errors and fix them! Everything is simple and clear. Search engines have certain rules for sites that claim the first position. If your site does not comply with these rules, a positive result from SEO promotion can not be expected. For this reason, it is necessary to order a seo audit of the site.

Technical SEO analysis of a site: how i do it

As I said earlier, the search engine has certain requirements for the site. I am not a shaman and there will be no dancing with a tambourine. In the report everything will be accessible and clearly described. My goal is to report errors as simple as possible.
So that you can understand how, why and in what sequence you need to improve the site. And why should this be done at all? No memorized terminology - all this is ineffective.

In working with my clients, I achieve maximum understanding. My client (albeit not meticulously), but understands what is happening and why it is needed.

By the way, I took a course from the company Netpeak Software "SEO Audit"

Price for SEO site audit

Below I have indicated the price of seo analysis of the site and what is included in it. If you want to beat competitors and take a leading position in the search engine. Then you need to know how to improve your site and what actions to take to effectively index in search engines.

Services Corporate Online store
Optimization analysis for PC and mobile devices
Code writing quality analysis
Analysis of seo page optimization (meta tags)
Content quality analysis
Analysis of the robots.txt file
Analysis of the sitemap.xml file
Analysis h1-h6
Website loading speed analysis
Check for AGS filters
Virus scan
Linking analysis
Referring resource analysis
Availability of ssl certificate
Analysis of redirect settings
Analysis of cache settings
Image optimization analysis
Server response time
Design improvement recommendations
SEO guidelines
Recommendations on SMM promotion
A clear report with the cost of troubleshooting
Cost of work 15 $ 20 $
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