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Suitcase store

SMM promotion Facebbok, Instagram suitcase store. Screen result for the first month of promotion


  • Increase the number of subscribers on the page;
  • Announce news, promotions and discounts of the store;
  • Increase brand awareness among traveling people;
  • Search for wholesale buyers;
  • Work with reviews
  • What was at the start of the promotion:
  • Promoted a page from scratch

What is done:

  1. Creation and design of the page;
  2. Posting advertising and thematic content;
  3. Consultation of potential clients in direct;
  4. Adding page subscribers;
  5. Announcement of promotions and discounts;
  6. Drawings;
  7. Setting targeting ads;

Project's budget:
240$ smm + $150 target.advertising - monthly


Влада Филиппова


May 3, 2020




SMM promotion Facebbok, Instagram suitcase store