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Shop merchandise for smoking food | Facebook

A task:

  1. Increase the number of orders via Facebook;
  2. Keep in touch through this social network with regular customers;
  3. Posting of advertising, thematic and entertaining nature;
  4. Upgrades of the country due to recommendations and feedback from customers.
  5. Increase the number of subscribers per page.
  6. What was at the start of the promotion:
  7. The page was created but did not advance.

What is done:

  • Page design: information, contact details, page view settings, etc.
  • Daily posting
  • Constant communication with customers, replies to the message (within 5 minutes), placing orders;
  • Setting and maintaining targeted ads;
  • Thinking through and launching promotions, sweepstakes, contests;

What did you get for the first month of promotion:

  1. The growth of subscribers 1,522 thousand (as of 08/09/2019)
  2. Page coverage 30304 thousand people
  3. Coverage of posts 21575 people.
  4. Increase Facebook Orders
  5. Transitions to the website from facebook
Project budget:

$140 SMM + $150 ads - monthly


Vlada Filippova


August 10, 2019




SMM promotion shop merchandise for smoking food in facebook.