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Scarves, scarves | SMM

Promotion of a personal brand on Instagram, through the blog of the director and founder of his 6-year-old business in the direction of b2b. In parallel, I am engaged in seo promotion of an online wholesale store. Site in the top 1 on Google.

The beginning of the development and promotion of the profile on Instagram is in November 2018. Statistics for 2 weeks and several quarters of promotion + the results of the visual transformation of the profile with the beginning of my work.

What went into my work:

  1. Selection and placement of advertising and thematic content (1 post on weekdays. 20 posts per month).
  2. Competitor analysis, posting plan-strategy.
  3. Full page administration. Answers to questions and comments, consultation and user support.
  4. Choosing an advertising tool
  5. Selection of sites and launch of competitions.
  6. Thinking through, designing and launching a competition in accordance with the goals set.
  7. Social Media Marketing. New trending promotion techniques: stories, highlight stories, IGTV
  8. Search for bloggers for collaboration
  9. The increase in the number of subscribers

Project budget:

$140 - monthly


Vlada Filippova


January 24, 2019




Promotion of a personal brand on Instagram.