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Hookah Restaurant Myata | SMM


  1. To expand the recognition of the institution among the inhabitants of Odessa;
  2. Increase the number of reservation tables on weekends;
  3. Increase the subscriber base;
  4. Maintain constant communication with customers through social networks.
  5. Promote Facebook and Instagram

What was at the start of the promotion:

  • About 150 posts;
  • Nearly 1,000 subscribers
  • Storys and IGTV were not used;
  • Post coverage was an average of 4%

What is done:

  1. Wrote a more informative profile header;
  2. Cleaned subscribers; we didn’t sow CA;
  3. Visually designed a profile in a single style;
  4. Launched promotional videos of the kitchen (dishes), parties;
  5. In the future, each event with us is accompanied by a photo and video shooting; The client can see how cool we have events and turn to us!
  6. Daily posting daily story;
  7. IGTV development;
  8. Decorated with eternal stories;
  9. We cooperate with opinion leaders: a check in an institution in exchange for advertising of our institution;
  10. We are advertised in the public of Odessa;
  11. Designed an online menu;
  12. Created a site for the institution;
  13. We have opened an online store selling related products with the logo of our establishment;
  14. Every month we play cash certificates at the institution;
  15. For regular visitors we have developed special buns.
  16. Created a VIP-card institution with a constant discount.
  17. Every week we announce parties, movie nights and other events;
  18. For visitors who have left feedback on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, we have incentive prizes

What did you get:

  • Subscribers' gain: after cleaning 780 remained. At the moment (12/10/18) 8,200 subscribers;
  • Coverage increased from 4% to 40% per week;
  • Views Stories 12%
  1. The institution was included in the list of 100 best companies in Ukraine!
  2. Finalist of the contest “Top-quality services and products of the year” according to “ZnakYakostŃ–"
  3. In the top 20 best places in Odessa according to TripAdvisor.
Project budget:

SMM $150 + $ 150 ads - monthly


Vlada Filippova


July 10, 2017




SMM Instagram page promotion hookah in Odessa.