For the quarantine period, SMM prices for new customers are 20%

How to promote / develop a fitness center in quarantine?

How to promote / develop a fitness center in quarantine?

For at least another month we all remain at home due to quarantine, and this is sad news for local businesses that do not have online sales and home delivery. In this article, we discussed how to develop restaurants and beauty salons under quarantine conditions. Today we’ll talk about how to promote / develop a fitness center under quarantine.

Promotion of the fitness center during quarantine
Everyone forgot about training and proper nutrition. Now only food from delivery and a sofa. It may seem so, but the picture is actually completely different. People are bored. Movies and TV shows get bored; you can't read books forever. What else do people who previously led an active lifestyle do?
That's right, go in for sports at home!

How to get customers fitness center?
Fitness centers lose their clients without realizing the full degree of demand for online home lessons with a trainer. Yogis cannot do without their usual practices.

Of course, the easiest nothing to do. To wait until this quarantine passes and everything works as before. 
But as before, there will be no more!

During the quarantine, you can lose the share of customers that will become a significant percentage of visitors to the center after quarantine. Because their attention will switch to that center, which despite quarantine continues to interact with its customers in social networks.

Think about how many people are now sitting in social networks simply because the situation forces ?! And it is your fitness center that can receive the attention that is so difficult to gain in normal mode, well, or lose it. You decide!