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Which specialist do you need: tryndyushkin or practitioner?

Which specialist do you need: tryndyushkin or practitioner?

If the main skill of the future employee is the ability to hang noodles on the ears, this is not the specialist you need!

Willfully, involuntarily, I turn out to be a spectator of information that some kind of blogger Vasya is collecting the next paid conference and will talk about how to successfully advance on Instagram. 
You look at this Vasya and understand that he does nothing not know how.

And people go pay, listen, believe, and that the worst thing is trying to use something that does not give a result.

As a result, they are not disappointed in Vasya, but in ALL smm specialists. Distrust and sad experience negatively affect their subsequent cooperation with normal, adequate specialists. What is the essence of the problem?

What is he real smm specialist?

It is not necessary to look and listen to the one who speaks beautifully. Work with who knows how to work with social networks and shows how to do it. He will tell about all the pitfalls, he will be able to outwit the buggy Facebook and Instagram. Advises, helps, teaches, explains, etc.

In a word, you need not Vasya Tryndyushkin, but an experienced practitioner, in other words, a professional smm specialist.

Where to find a professional smm specialist?

Anywhere just not on Instagram! Why?

A real cool smm specialist with extensive experience and a considerable number of projects does not have enough time to maintain his pages. Well, maybe a post once every five years. Because his main activity is not to sell himself, but to sell the goods of the client. For a specialist’s SMM, his work, result, reviews his satisfied customers, successful cases, the ability to work with pages on social networks, the ability and understanding of how to bypass prohibitions and other conflicts of a social network and a consumer (I speak about cases of blocking pages and advertising accounts for no reason, etc.).

Look for smm specialists on freelance exchanges, see his portfolio and website. Ask to read reviews of his clients and tell in detail about projects related to your subject.

Be wiser than pseudo specialist who supposedly know something about promotion. Perhaps they know how best to expose the ass in the frame, and create fake gossip. But certainly not how to promote serious projects

I wish you all success✌