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 Promoting business in 2020 under quarantine

Promoting business in 2020 under quarantine

We hide our heads in the sand and I’m not talking about an ostrich.

The current situation in the world opens eyes on the correctness of doing business. Personally, I came across several successful companies that closed and completely buried in the sand. But, then can a company be considered successful if, at the first restriction, it could not steer out of the situation?

The following niches fell under my analysis:

  • bar
  • beauty saloon

These companies completely ceased their activity, left employees without a salary and place of work, profitability approached 0. In the case of a bar, it went into minus, as food stocks were partially lost

Analyzing this situation (and comparing it with the same projects that I actively promote under quarantine), I came to the conclusion that the problem of bankruptcy is not a ban, but the unwillingness / unwillingness of the company owner to develop in more difficult conditions❗

The bar is free (by law) to implement home delivery, develop discounts, promotions and other goodies. For example, my client, having an institution in Odessa, organized a delivery system in a couple of days and actively accepts online orders. Accordingly, the business does not stand still, income is growing, the institution has not disappeared from the eyes of potential customers. On the contrary, it develops and conquers their tummies with delicious dishes
Beauty saloon. There is a division into two camps: the first, it works but accepts one person at a time; the second one doesn’t work, but all the employees of the salon united on Instagram and run a free marathon with gifts and discounts for participants. And this is logical, because after quarantine women will simply run to salons: manicures, haircuts, staining, depilation and other services will be mega-demanded and the salon, which during quarantine gave its client a discount on the procedure, automatically enrolled him in the ranks of his clients.

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