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SEO, SMM or PPC: which is best for your business?

SEO, SMM or PPC: which is best for your business?

In my practice, I encounter a lack of understanding of clients, what kind of specialist they need. Because of ignorance of all the subtleties of specialization, misunderstandings arise, in some cases even accusations of incompetence of a specialist. In this article I want to explain in more detail to you who SEO, SMM, PPC is. Who is of them does your business need?

Quick Sales - PPC Specialist

If your main goal is to receive orders as soon as possible. But, at the same time, you do not have time to create and develop pages on social networks, professional photo shoots, a content manager or SEO website promotion. Then you need a PPC specialist.

PPC specializes in creating advertising campaigns and tracking traffic (result). You need this particular professional, because only he knows and does everything in order to lower the cost per click/transition for his client and increase conversion. This is his main goal of work!

There is one caveat, even if you have time for the development of social networks, but you sell by wholesale. It is more profitable to turn to the PPC specialist than to the SMM. Because only large and well-known brands sell wholesale in social networks. If you are a start-up company and so far a limited number of people know about you. It’s better to put all your strength into selling wholesale through the site (it will be cheaper and several times more effective). Again, using the knowledge and skills of a PPC specialist. After you become a more famous store, then you can enter the social networks market.

Therefore, if your business needs a quick start in sales - a PPC specialist is your promotion method.

SMM promotion - long-term perspective

Why everyone thinks that smm is selling, I don’t know. Perhaps, after listening to the smm-shchikov in "quotation marks", which promise a million customers for 1000 rubles.

You must understand that the goal of smm promotion is NOT selling. An SMM specialist does not work on sales, but on developing the brand’s popularity among users of a social network. That is, using the same targeted advertising, the smm specialist does everything necessary for your product / store / company to be seen by as many people as possible.

If ppc is direct sales, then smm is the popularity and recognition of a promoted brand.

Of course, thanks to the correct setting of ads by the specialist, your page will sell. But this is not a paramount task! Do not blame the smm manager if after 3 months of work you had only 10 orders, and you wanted 2000. This is not his mistake, but the wrong promotion method.

SMM is an increase of interest in your product! And it, in turn, leads to different actions on the part of the client: like, comment, save, subscribe, repost, etc. Among these reactions there is a purchase, but as you can see, this is not the only reaction of the client, unlike the PPC goal - direct sale.

SEO is a must

If to speak for seo website promotion, then this is more a business prospect than a quick sale. That's because seo is divided into a lot of small goals, the implementation of which takes time. And sometimes, the time spent on the implementation of any item does not depend on the seo of the specialist. Since bots search engine are not subject to the forces of specialists.

Not convinced? Let's take a closer look at the process of SEO promotion in the number of days spent.

  1. Correction of errors of your programmer. As practice has shown, they always are. Starting from errors in w3c and ending with the lack of optimization for pagespeed (7 days). Sometimes, the situation is even more critical - the wrong cms. Let's say Wordpress for an online store (the chances of getting into the top and getting around competitors are zero). In the case of such a faile, the correction will take from 21 days. The programmer in my team will write the site again on an adaptive and secure frame Yii2 (it will be much better than a buggy one Wordpress). And then the site will have a chance to go to the top and beat competitors.
  2. Selection of the semantic core of the site (keywords). And their distribution on the pages (1 day)
  3. SEO optimization of each page. This includes: title, description, alt, etc (10 days)
  4. Writing seo articles on the site. This is necessary to increase the content mass of the site (3 days)
  5. Sending the necessary files to the search engine so that the bots go through the site and include the changes (1 day). But, when they go through the site, it does not depend on the specialist (on average from a day to 14 days)
  6. The first analysis of site positions after SEO optimization (1-2 days)
  7. Drawing up a website promotion strategy (note, before that there was only optimization). Based on the position that SEO optimization will bring, the future promotion strategy depends. And if occupying positions do not sell (that is, 3 and below the search page), you need to purchase links, connect activity in social networks, more SEO articles, etc.

To get the first result from SEO you have to spend from 31 days and all this in order for the site to start selling.

Without seo optimization and promotion, your site will not be able to occupy the first positions. Therefore, seo is a necessary component of promoting your business. But, if your goal is to sell from the site now and immediately - you need PPC.

SEO - does not bring sales in the first month of work!

But, even if the site is in the first positions, this does not mean that it will sell. Visitors buy where it is cheaper, more profitable (discounts, promotions, savings system, etc.), where the design is more convenient and the site loads faster, the popularity of the company and many more nuances. Which either prompt the customer to make purchases, or force them to go to competitors.

To summarize:

  • Quick Sales - PPC
  • Increasing brand recognition in social networks (the prospect of big sales) - SMM
  • Raising a site to the front pages of a search engine (the prospect of big sales) - SEO

Practice has shown that the greatest success in promoting a business appears when all methods are combined: seo + smm + ppc

Thanks to this strategy, a company can reach as many target audiences as possible. Which in turn will bring demand for the promoted product / service.