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For the first month I brought 21 clients worth more than $1000

For the first month I brought 21 clients worth more than $1000

As the article promised on how to gain trust in a company, brand, store? And why do we need product certification and what result does it bring?

Brand trust

1. The first example is organic cosmetics without certification.

We have been working on product promotion for more than 6 months. A fairly wide range, reasonable prices and beautiful packaging. But the packaging is nothing. Of course, the cosmetics are beautifully designed, smells good. But no matter customer will not buy if he DOES NOT BELIEVE! Cosmetics were not very effective and also caused adverse reactions or did not help! Customers did not trust such a dubious brand, not because the SMM specialist presented the product poorly. 

The reason is that after trying once and not seeing the result, the client will NEVER come to buy again in this store. And he will tell everyone else that they would not buy. The client hung noodles on my ears - they say we have already submitted documents. Not having received confirmation after 3 months, I abandoned the project. By the way, they still have not received certification.

How to gain trust in a company, brand, store?

2. The second example is a certified massage master. The account came from scratch: without a site, beautiful photo content. But a diploma in medical education and 5 certificates in the specialty. What did we get? The first month of promotion (4 weeks of work):

  • 21 massage entries
  • purchase of 5 courses (total amount $ 7 000)
  • single sessions (total amount of about $ 2000 - 3000)
  • satisfied customer
  • thriving account

There are many other little things by type:

  • opening of a second office
  • expand the range of services
  • staff expansion - hired a couple of massage therapists in a team

Just think about it - an account from scratch. Only the FIRST month - and for this small period we received 21 clients worth more than $ 1000. Trust is what I lead clients of the companies that I promote. The result of my work is important to me. Accordingly, I and my clients are satisfied.