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The phrase "Made in Ukraine" does not inspire any confidence!

The phrase "Made in Ukraine" does not inspire any confidence!

Personally, when I hear the phrase "Made in Ukraine", I immediately ask for products from another manufacturer or simply do not make a purchase. Why?

Trite, because of the mentality of our people. I know very well what other people think about last. First of all, they think about the size of their wallet. Of course, I do not generalize all under one template. But alas, practice has shown that products made in Ukraine are worse in quality and less efficient. And what about the online stores of natural cosmetics, etc., which has become mega-popular in Ukraine?

One of these days a client calls me and asks to start cooperation. The essence of the brand: a cream based on honey and fruits. My first question is: Do you have certification of your products? To which they replied to me in surprise and skepticism: “Why do you need it?” At first I laughed, then I abandoned the project. They tried to pour into my ears that cosmetics are effective and nobody needs certification of products. I have a tough position about this! Maybe I even go too far somewhere. But I will tell you this: if you have a brand, for example, cosmetics that you make yourself. That is the product certification YOU need first of all. Because the client will not buy dubious production. At least a woman needs to know that this is not some underground workshop in one of the basements of Zalupinsk. 
The client should know that there will be no side effects. And at least she will get the result from the products for which she pays money. And this confirmation will be convincing for her only if she sees the relevant documents, and not in words: “Oh you know, our cosmetics are so effective, so good and natural. I use it myself, and my friends and even my mother and everything satisfied".

No, my dears - if you decide to open a business in Ukraine, besides you do not have a wide production yet. And maybe you are preparing these products at home. Be kind - get certified! Otherwise, you will not achieve the result!

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