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Review about the book “Change your thinking change your life”. Brian Tracy

Review about the book “Change your thinking change your life”. Brian Tracy

Today I leave a review for you about the book “Change your thinking change your life" Brian Tracy. To begin with, this is not the first book read by this author. Ease of writing, pertinent humor, valuable lessons, and a great boost of energy are what you get by reading his books. The author’s biography makes you cry, laugh, and experience the most difficult moments with him.

The book “Change your thinking change your life ”- a desktop Bible for those who want to understand themselves, their essence. Charge with new energy to achieve your goals. A book by Brian Tracy from the category of those that cannot be thrown into a chest with other books after reading. This treasure should be on a shelf and at any time you can turn to it.

The book helped me overcome my fear. And to be more precise - to understand how to respond to it. Now I can be considered a bolder girl. What would you understand from childhood, I have one big fear - which sometimes brought me to tears. I was very afraid of him. Now I am a hero! I generally am silent about self-esteem: the author so simply and at the same time lucidly explains all the rules of life: the law of attractiveness, conformity, etc.

Separately, you can express gratitude and appreciation for the affirmations that you need to pronounce yourself in the right situations in order to make the right decision; control yourself, your thoughts and emotions. What can I say - the book can fundamentally change your attitude towards yourself. I recommend reading it!