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Review about the book of Joe Dispensa "Power of the subconscious"

Review about the book of Joe Dispensa "Power of the subconscious"

Review about the book of Joe Dispensa "The power of the subconscious, or how to change life in 4 weeks." This book is not from the series "Believe in yourself and everything will work out." In Joe Dispenses book "The Power of the Subconscious," our reality is viewed through a quantum field, alpha, beta, theta brain waves. The premise that we CAN translate into reality our desires is not considered with a finger in the sky theory. And with scientific practice, which gives the words more confidence.

Review of Joe Dispenses book "The Power of the Subconscious"

The examples that are given in the book make it clear that everything begins with thought. And if we combine the body and mind in a single union, we can be cured of cancer, the effects of strokes, realize our dreams to visit Italy or where we still want to be and what to have. All this is possible!

Quotes from The Power of the Subconscious

For your confidence, I’ll give a couple of quotes after which you can’t help but read this book:

  1. When a thought becomes an event, emotion arises. And when we begin to experience the emotion from an event even before its onset, our body (and the subconscious mind) reacts as if the event had already become a reality.
  2. Attention: while our thoughts are determined by feelings, while we think at the level of sensations, changes are impossible. To change, you need to mentally surpass your sensations.
  3. To change means to leave behind the learned feelings of the familiar self. Constantly returning to the usual thoughts and feelings, we reproduce the same reality.
  4. If we have ever experienced suffering, it remains in us at the level of the brain and body and is expressed in thoughts and feelings - therefore, we send a signal corresponding to suffering to the quantum field. And in response, the universal mind sends into our lives another event that will cause a similar mental and emotional reaction. Instead of constantly thinking about future injuries and stresses that you prophesy for yourself, based on the past, is it not better to think with the same persistence about new, desirable events that are not yet in your emotional experience?

A lot of thoughts that I want to share with you. But better read the book yourself!