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Unique website design: why and how much does it cost?

Unique website design: why and how much does it cost?

For my four years of experience, which sites I haven’t saw. They were ala dinosaurs of the 90s. When still did not know what site usability is, what you need to adapt for PC and mobile devices. Today I want to share with you how to create a unique website for your business. And at the same time save a lot.

Unique site - who needs it?

Everyone can do a carbon copy! This is my simple answer to the client when the question arises of creating a site on Wordpress, Opencart and other non-optimized cms.

Or maybe still invest and create a truly unique site? The answer is definitely yes!

Look at the popular, large-scale developing sites of famous brands: apple, Microsoft. Uniqueness - one, ease of use - two, adaptability of design - three. I'm not talking about all sorts of cool bonus for users.

You need a high-quality, unique, convenient site! Which will not only testify to the high status of the company, but also serve as a good springboard in trust between you and the client. After all, 78% of your customers pay attention to the convenience and uniqueness of your site.

But still there are customers who don’t know the validity of the saying: “Avaricious pays twice!”. Again, over 4 years of work, I have seen so many episodes of collapse and waste of money. What can I say with confidence - if you stint (in another way, this can not be called) on a normal, high-quality, professional website development. You will spend twice as much money! Here is one of the cases.

A terrible story about how a client lost $ 1000

A client comes to me for SEO promotion. As usual, I’m doing a site analysis and see these points:

  • the site is absolutely not adapted for PC and mobile devices;
  • code 182 errors;
  • garbage and an error in the code will not allow you to bring the site to the TOP;
  • the design of the site of the 90s;
  • made on a wooden Opencart;
  • the site is assembled in the designer;
  • my client paid $ 1000 for him

I do not promote such sites! I do not see the future of a company that does not follow the trends of the Internet sphere. Which lives by the standards of the 90s and does not even bother to think about customers, about their ease of use of the site. In addition, search engines have many complaints about such sites.

Search bots look at the site under a large magnifying glass. In many cases, such projects do not enter the top stable 9-12 months. What is the result? A client with sighs and sighs pays a second time about 800$ to a programmer. Which creates a unique, high-quality website from scratch. What was required at the beginning. But sometimes because of your stinginess (yes, I’m saying bluntly - that’s the only way you will understand and will not make the same mistakes!) Very many fall into this trap. From which there is only one way out - to pay again, but for a normal site. With which it is not only pleasant to work with, but also to use the client will be twice as much pleasure.

Creating a unique website is the key to business success

Do you know how many unique, high-quality sites go in the TOP? On average, 3 months of promotion is necessary to see a good position. In addition to the moments contributing to good promotion in search engines. You get a unique site that your competitors do not have. You become competitive in the Internet field. And the higher your uniqueness, the harder it will be for your competitors to surpass you!

Creating a unique, high-quality website = saving your budget

In addition, it is worth mentioning that having paid for a site in the style of “ala 90s” you will spend exactly the same amount for improvements and elimination of errors made by your programmer. Because there is an SEO specialist who is interested not in money, but primarily in the promotion and development of the project. If he undertakes such a project, then a ToR will be drawn up in which he will indicate what errors should be eliminated. This is also money - your money.

Over the course of my working career, I have been honored to collaborate in reality with a professional developer. Which for its six-year experience has created truly unique, high-quality websites of companies that are currently actively developing. I also entrusted the development of my site to this developer. We do not stand still and every week we will improve and refine my brainchild - my site. Therefore, based on my personal experience, I recommend you a specialist whose work is not only appreciated among clients. But they also protect many from meaningless spending of money for low-quality sites.

Trust him to create a high-quality, unique site: buy a ready-made cms for the site. And from the first pages you will see that this specialist does not think like everyone else. So his work is especially appreciated!

I leave his contacts:


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Email: [email protected]

Best regards, Your SEO, SMM Specialist, Vlad Filippova.