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Review about the book "I want and will be" Mikhail Labkovsky

Review about the book "I want and will be" Mikhail Labkovsky

Today I finished reading the book "I want and will be" and my worldview turned in the other direction. You won’t believe how this book dragged me on. I got up early in the morning, wrapped myself in a blanket and with a cup of coffee I tried to perceive every line. Now it's time to write you a review about the book “I Want and Will Be” by Mikhail Labkovsky.

Review about the book "I want and I will"

The first thing I liked was the manner of writing. Without any snot, as psychologists able how. Everything is clear here, directly - as it is: vitally, without understating.

Some useful thoughts that I learned from the book "I want and will be":

  1. If put off to a rainy day, he will definitely come. I used to worry and always complained to my husband that we are not putting off for a rainy day. We are not prudent (dad always tried to postpone his salary for a rainy day). And that day always came. The author made it perfectly clear that “postpone for a rainy day” means to educate a poor person in himself. Which feeds its fears.
  2. Parenting is powerful, direct, concise. I have no children, but I read the section from and to! A lot of useful information even for non-parents.
  3. The ass, chest and appearance - a separate conversation. Adolescence and pimples - the author helps to accept yourself and not just: humble yourself! He helps to see yours uniqueness!

I was delighted with the book. Therefore, it automatically falls into the list of books for re-reading.