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Review about the book "Write shorten"

Review about the book "Write shorten"

Everyone knows how to write - but only a few write interestingly. I want to share with you a review of the book "Write, cut" Lyudmila Sarycheva, Maxim Ilyakhov.

"Write, cut" is a mega cool guide for everyone who writes. And no matter you write articles or posts on social networks. The book is filled with interesting pictures in the form of comics. A large number of examples that are given after each topic explained.

"Write, cut" - you will reread it again and again. Because it is simply unrealistic to read, remember and apply, such a valuable store of knowledge.

I bought the book "Write, cut" when I was just starting my career as a seo specialist. And still, after 4 years I open it. I turn to her for advice and help.

The "Write, cut" book is a desktop Bible for anyone who wants to correctly and clearly express their thoughts.

I advise the book "Write, cut" for reading seo / smm to specialists. And without fail copywriters! You pump your skill to level 90.