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Review about the book “Instagram Phenomenon” Lyubov Soboleva

Review about the book “Instagram Phenomenon” Lyubov Soboleva

Honest review about the book “Instagram Phenomenon” Lyubov Soboleva. I want to tell you right away, I'm not a purchased specialist who was paid for a good review. I am independent in this regard, so today I will leave honest and direct feedback on the book “Instagram Phenomenon”

Advantages of the Instagram Phenomenon book

  1. This book fully reveals the entire backstage of Instagram. From the very beginning, the book tells how to create an account, transfer it to a business profile, etc. The book is designed for a beginner who came to Instagram and does not know how the reach differs from impressions. If you already use Instagram more or less confidently, this book is not for you.
  2. The book "Instagram Phenomenon" considers all types of advertising: paid and free. Describes how to set a target. advertising (do not expect a full course of explanations - only superficially).
  3. From the book you can find out about the varieties of giveaway, etc.

Cons of L. Sobolev’s book “Instagram Phenomenon”

  1. The most fat minus in the book in my opinion is an example with a sniper. The author advised holding a breath before a photo, like a sniper before a shot. But, the sniper before the shot must have empty lungs, otherwise out of breath. At the same time, I tested this advice myself and what I tell you is complete nonsense. I held my breath and took a couple of shots. And these photos did not look natural and beautiful (this concerned the photo itself). If we talk about the photo of the subject - trembling hands. Because attention is focused on the fact that you are already short of air. And then you spend time restoring your breath. Therefore, after reading this advice - authority to the author, to put it mildly, fell. Since she did not check the information (or very poorly checked) at the expense of the tactics of a sniper shot, but at the same time she advised her readers.
  2. The book "Instagram Phenomenon" is printed on gray paper (like a 
    toilet paper), not pleasant to the senses. And to everything else, a lot of photos of different bloggers were cited and indicated that "look at how they design the profile in the color scheme." 
    But, as you can see the color scheme of the photo on black and white paper, and even of terrible quality. Print quality could be better.
  3. Another point is that the book gave examples of bloggers, sites, pop.pages, etc. ONLY from Russia. If you are from another country, the recommendations of these profiles will be useless for you. Of course, I would like the author to think about his readers. After all, the book was published in circulation around the world. And examples of only one country. Somehow not very professional.

You will not read any methods in the book following the example of “I recommend, I categorically do not recommend” and so on. I wanted to see the opinion of the author himself. And finally, the information was repeated, very often, and it felt like from one section it was simply copied and pasted into another. Without any statistical change. My readers shared their impressions of the book with me and one of them compared Instagram posts to the information in the book. And it turned out that the posts were simply copied into the book.

So, if you don’t have the opportunity to buy a book, do not be discouraged - just read the author’s blog. You will not find anything new in the book!

But this is purely my opinion about this book. These tips can be useful to someone in promotion. But my duty is to tell you the TRUTH about books that will really benefit you!

Thank you for reading such a long article and staying with me. For those who want to get useful information about promotion, I advise you to read this article: Review about the book “Content Marketing. Promotion strategy in social networks. ”