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Review about the book “Content Marketing. Promotion strategy in social networks. ”

Review about the book “Content Marketing. Promotion strategy in social networks. ”

Today I want to share with you my impressions of the book “Content Marketing. Promotion strategy in social networks» Artyom Senatorov. Which will be interesting not only to smm specialists. But also to business owners who are trying on their own to promote social networks.

My mark is 10 out of 10.

The book is easy to read, information is perceived simply and clearly. Examples, stories, and life situations only emphasize the importance and value of information. And in some miraculous way, this book motivated me. With every line, with every word, I began to pave my way to success.

Here are a couple of quotes for which I would shake the hand of the author, if possible:

  • 100 people who themselves entered your community are more useful than 100,000 "dead souls."
  • If you are promoting a specific character or your own brand, then using mass following you lower your level. A cool brand does not subscribe to everyone in a row. He's cool because you subscribe to him.
  • Everyone takes off themselves on a mobile, but far from everyone can make a high-quality media product.
  • Do not spare money when it comes to the quality of your publication. Such investments do not generate income right there, so they look at them with suspicion: “How is that, will I give money and not receive income in the foreseeable future?” Be above this, you are not promoting someone else, but yourself, so do for yourself all the best that you can reach.

Reading these lines, I was delighted. Now there are very few really real SMM specialists who do not recommend the use of masfol and maslayk. All have long been bought and sold! I know from a personal example how this all happens. A service that provides maslike / massfall services is write to a specialist. The service offers free use of its services (for a while) in exchange for good reviews and recommendations for its customers and subscribers.

Unfortunately, there are even fewer specialists who can clearly explain why you DO NOT need to tweak likes and subscriptions.

If you want to get a new charge of motivation, knowledge and establish yourself for your goals, “Content Marketing” will be more useful to you than ever. I can say with confidence - by reading the book “Content Marketing. Promotion strategy in social networks »You will avoid many mistakes and will be able to promote your business to a new level.