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Why do you need a website?

Why do you need a website?

Yesterday I had a wonderful meeting with one of the Toronto experts in seo, smm promotion. And we talked about blocking Vkontakte in Ukraine. Yes, of course now they are sitting through vpn. But coverage has fallen, and it has fallen very much. A lot of clients ceased to lead VK groups, and all the efforts and funds that were spent over the entire promotion were scattered in the wind.

Why did this happen? They did not have a basic platform for their business. They have lost the foundation and now they have to build everything anew in another social network. Just imagine, some customers invested about $ 10,000 in groups. And one day - they lost everything: customers, orders, profits and business growth.

But what about those who had a website? They did not convulse and did not tear their hair after the ban on VK entered into force. They just sent their forces to another social. the network without losing your income. Because the profit was still coming from the site.

What do I want to tell you? Do not consider social networks as an unshakable foundation for business! At any moment, occurred to someone, and he banned the same Facebook or Instagram.

For example, recently Facebook passed personal data of users. Because of this, there were big problems in the work of social networks (since Instagram belongs to Facebook). Users of both social networks caught bugs that did not allow them to conduct their business normally.

Or the network could simply go bankrupt, become unpopular. In general, there may be a million reasons why you should not put everything on social networks. In any negative situation, your business will suffer first of all! Think it over.

The site is an unshakable platform that is not afraid of anything! Well, nothing at all. No matter how the situation in the country changes, no one dares to ban Google itself. Just think about it, since 1998 Google has been actively developing and 21 years brings income to business owners.

Therefore, do not be nonchalant, lay a solid foundation for your business.