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How to become a successful SMM specialist?

How to become a successful SMM specialist?

Who is SMM specialist?

I will not explain in detail who the smm specialist is and how he became one. I will say briefly, but understandably. SMM manager is a happy person! An SMM specialist is a person who promotes your company on social networks. If you do not have a company, but you provide any services, then you will also need to contact this specialist.

What makes SMM specialist?

SMM manager works with your profiles, pages, groups in social networks. Most specialists specialize in all social networks at the same time. But, there are those that work only with some social networks. For example, only Vkontakte or Facebook. Regardless of what preferences our specialist has. The love of projects is based on the birth of his profession. I will explain it by my own example.

How I became an SMM specialist

I started my career 4 years ago. I remember when I first sat down to study the material, I had no idea what CPM, CPC, etc., seemed to me like a dark forest, in which I would never see the right path. And at the first time of my work, I tried to walk along the beaten paths. I listened and did what more experienced specialists told me. But over time, I realized that this was not enough for me. I could not enjoy my work, get high from her. I was generally afraid of customers. Funny, is not it? Something did not suit me, and I decided to check myself as a separate specialist, without anyone's help, tips. And what did I do?


How to become a successful SMM specialist?

  1. Believe in yourself. The first and most important rule in any endeavor. Personally, I was convinced from my own experience - smm a specialist needs faith in himself and his strength. Because you sit in a completely uncharted area. You understand that on your shoulders lies a great responsibility for entire firms, companies, large online stores, etc. The head is simply torn from what you learned, and a lot of nerves from the fact that nothing happens (at first). Therefore, if you are a beginner smm manager and you read my article, then believe in yourself! Believe that you are a unique specialist in the field of smm. And put it in your head, but rather write it in your diary. The reasons why you consider yourself the best specialist (even if you are just starting out). Each has its own positive and unique aspects.
  2. Set goals clearly. Define for yourself the scope of your work. For example, I started with two social networks: VKontakte and facebook. I did not promote Instagram. I took up it just a couple of years ago. But, I still do not promote youtube, classmates, etc. Why? Briefly - I do not want. No, I'm not lazy. I just want to delve into 100% of these social networks and after taking new ones. I do not spray at all at once. For example, I personally think that youtube can be promoted by those who very well fumble in this area, in the field of video, processing, etc. Therefore, in order to work at 100%, do not tackle everything at once. Take on one thing!
  3. Build yourself a good portfolio. You might think, “What kind of portfolio is she talking about if I'm just starting out?” I understand everything clearly. Itself was in that position. Where did I start? With yourself! After all, each specialist has his own page in the social network. So start with them, practice writing interesting content. See how your friends, subscribers and just users of the social network will react to it. In this work, your personal opinion will be formed on this network. You will say in a conversation with a client: “I personally noticed”, “According to my observations”, etc. I started my portfolio on and with two popular, free site for freelance finding clients. Also, gradually ask customers to leave feedback about your cooperation.
  4. Read and apply. I want to warn you right away - do not read outdated information. See what year of release this publication or article on the Internet. Nowadays, social networks do not stand still - something is constantly changing (every week). And all these changes affect our work and its effectiveness. Therefore, select reliable information from trusted sources. Then after reading - apply. Without practice you are nothing! It may be rude, but better the bitter truth. Unfortunately, there are such “specialists” who read all kinds of garbage and after that they shout that they can fill the group with live subscribers of 15 kopecks. Who for quite some time in the field of smm understands that this is a pure lie. So read -> check -> apply.
  5. Favorite customers. Smiled So do I. Yeah, that is what happened at smm specialists, customers can be nasty, harmful, incomprehensible, harassing, but at the same time they can be loved. Just clearly set the boundaries of working time and rest. For example, all my clients know that I do not need to call after 20:00. I just don’t answer the phone. I also have a weekend in which I rest from work and will not conduct consulting issues. Even if you work outside the office and at home, this does not mean that you should not have a weekend. I have my own personal space and clients should understand this. I provided an alternative - you can’t call, you can write. Yes, in writing I can answer and talk with the client on minor issues (if this is not a critical situation, there are very few of them as such) even lying on the couch and watching a movie.
  6. Further, what you need to know: this is what customers like to bargain with. If you are confident in yourself and in your professionalism (re-read the first paragraph again) - do not bargain, you are not in the market. Know your worth (literally and figuratively). I make an exception only for regular customers - you can give a discount there, but this is provided that we have been cooperating for more than half a year. Not happy with the price - let him look for a suitable one from another specialist. Sometimes customers want to promote 3 social networks right away for 20$ per month - full delivery!
  7. Do not listen to others, listen to yourself. This is another facet of self-confidence as a professional. Not pride, but pure confidence. If you are sure that you give all your best to your work, then the phrase: “Oh, we have been cooperating for so long, and the result is minimal. You are a bad specialist". Yes there are such clients who can say something offensive. "We have been working with you for two whole weeks, but I have not received a million customers". It's funny, but sometimes the words hurt so much. You think, why such an ingratitude. Therefore, once again we are convinced that the first paragraph of this article on how to become a successful smm specialist is true. Because we (SMM-managers) are well aware that in two weeks to get a million customers is unrealistic. But alas, most customers saw the slogan: "Get a million sales in 7 days" They believe in this nonsense and in the end who is to blame, the specialist is to blame. 
    Therefore, adequately assess the situation and do not give up in any case!

I would also like to say a lot to our novice professionals. But everyone has their own path. And then the time has come when I should answer the question of how I became a successful smm specialist?
At the beginning of my article, I wrote that the smm sphere seemed to me to be a dark forest, in which I would never see the necessary path. So, I realized that you do not need to search for the trodden path. It is worth trampling your own one, only for your own foot size and dimensions! Through all the bushes, thickets and sticky cobwebs, trample your way to a professional smm specialist. And then you will not work, you will bliss out of your work. You will have not only your favorite customers and positive reviews. But also a great, unique, valuable experience, stable income and satisfaction in what you do.

Do not follow the majority - have your opinion and you will understand that you have become a successful smm specialist!

With love and faith in you, Vlad Filippova.